Arranging iPhone app icons

My wife has become increasingly infuriated in arranging her iPhone icons after an update. Is there a program where I can do that on the computer? I know the older iTunes did that and I looked at iMazing and Configurator, but did not see a way to arrange the icons there either. What do other people do? Is there an easier way to do it?

The main trick I can recommend is to empty a spot on the Dock, and then move an icon into that spot, navigate to the desired home screen, and drag the icon off the Dock into the desired home screen. That eliminates a lot of the frustration with having to drag an icon across multiple screens and get it in the right place.

Even still, it’s a terrible interface, especially because when you pause, it tries to make a folder, and backing out of that is clumsy. It requires either a tap below the folder with an other finger, or a drag above the folder with the icon (which I figured out only just now).

Also, in my iPhone 7s experience, Apple Configurator 2 on recent macOS releases does not seem to be able to ‘Modify > Home Screen Layout…’

iPhones are supposed to “Just Work”, but apparently not necessarily in a way convenient or desired by Users.