Apple Watch tops wearable market as demand for basic trackers falls - CNET

Good news for Apple Watch

I’m seeing people wearing an Apple Watch more and more. When I can, I ask why they chose it, and what they use it for. For the most part, people aren’t using them for much “interesting”—it’s just a nicely customizable watch with notifications for most.

Mine was a gift shortly after my Pebble died. Like the Pebble before it, the Apple Watch is most beneficial for helping with calendar reminders and a glanceable view of texts and email notifications; the Watch is vastly more reliable for this. I never used the Pebble for exercise tracking but the Watch is has nudged me toward a little more activity (I like the workout choices but I don’t really use the data while I’m at the gym or retrospectively).

I’m interested in the next watchOS’s Podcasts app, I was really bummed before when I learned the Watch couldn’t store and playback podcasts. I still use a 5th gen. nano at the gym and while commuting but have a Bluetooth around-the-neck headset waiting to be paired with the Watch to take its place.