Apple Watch not measuring HR

Since I installed 10.0 on my watch (I’m currently running 10.0.1), my metrics (HR, Avg. Pace, etc.) aren’t showing up while I run. They show up once I’ve finished running but aren’t there for me while I work out.

I’ve powered down/up, hoping that would solve the issue, but it hasn’t. If I ask Apple for help, they’ll likely tell me to reset the watch. I hate to do that because then I assume I’ll lose all my past workouts and badges. Do I need that information? No. But it’s a source of pride for me to keep all that.

Do you have any suggestions on how I can fix this?



P.S. Yes, the watch band is snug on my wrist.

I’ve had a similar issue for a long time, going back to watchOS 9, where if I start a new workout while I am still in another (for example, I change from running to walking), it will take about 6 minutes before the data other than the time update on the watch face. Ending a workout and immediately starting another is worse.

But, it’s different from your issue. The first workout that I start shows the data. It’s only when I tap “End”, then “New” to start a new workout that I have the issue.

You won’t. Past workouts and badges are stored in the Health app on the iPhone (though workouts and badges are easier to see in the Fitness app, which gets its data from the Health app.) I would suggest going into Settings / Apple ID / iCloud, do “Show all” under “Apps using iCloud”, and make sure that Health is set to sync (it should be by default, but worth checking.) This will make is easier if your lose your phone - data will (eventually) sync back down to the phone.

I’ve been having issues with my iPhone connecting to what should be WiFi access points - the WiFi passphrase isn’t being stored if I go away for a few days, meaning I’ve been needing to reenter them when I go to known WiFi that I haven’t connected to for a while. I was hoping that the iOS 17 upgrade would fix this, but it hasn’t, so today I backed up, wiped, and restored my iPhone, but that meant unpairing both of my Apple Watches (I have a spare) and pairing them back again when the phone restore was complete. I haven’t lost a thing when it comes to workouts and the badges (I don’t care about them particularly, but the workouts are critical to me.)

So I would really consider unpairing the watch and pairing back. It’ll be about an hour (or less) of downtime.)

Are you recording the run on another device? I never use my AW (currently an Ultra) for activities, and I’ve found that it simply stops taking frequent HR readings when I’m doing an activity (usually recording on a Garmin Edge 1040 and using a Garmin HRM-Pro for HR). It’s been that way over several versions of WatchOS and AW’s.

Oh, I really meant to add this: I have unpaired and re-paired an Apple Watch several times in the past. I haven’t lost any data from doing that, ever.

The only thing that I usually need to change is the authorization of credit and debit cards in the Apple Wallet.

I’ll take a look at this tomorrow.



No, I’m not recording the run on another device. Just my watch.