Apple watch face wishlist

OK, I read Apple’s policy rejecting outsiders’ suggestions (which is, don’t make them)
Is there anyone out there who can produce an Apple Watch face?

I’m specifically interested in being able to see the hourly refreshed image of the full Earth sent from the DSCOVR satellite that sits between Earth and Sun.

You can see the hourly images presented as a slideshow here:

I’d really like to see these images on the Apple Watch to be able to watch the weather as it moves across the planet – far more interested than the sinsgle Earth image the “Astronomy” face presents.

Surely there’s a tool that would collect these images as they are presented at the webpage and put them on the Apple Watch.

Anybody? I’d gladly pay for this if someone’s up to making it happen.

Only Apple can produce an Apple Watch face.

The only thing I can think of that would work is to create an album in the Photos app (on the iPhone) with just one photo in it. Then create 24 hourly shortcut automations that run another shortcut that downloads the latest image, adds it to that photo album, and removes any other photos from that photo album - so that album has only the latest photo.

Then create a watch face - either Photos or Portraits - that uses photos only from that album, which is one of the options for those faces. (Despite the fact that the watch face is called “Portraits”, they don’t have to be photos taken with the Portrait setting in the camera app). I’m not sure how often photos or portrait watch faces have the photos updated from a specified album, but it may be at least hourly.


OK, and I gather this is something I have to learn – automations – that I would have to do for myself, not something that anyone else can set up for me, or can share with others interested in having that functionality?

Triana, aka Goresat