Apple Watch Battery Suddenly Dying

When I took my Apple Watch in for repair, I was encouraged to get a loaner new watch (I.e., buy the new watch and return it when the replacement for my old one came in). So I didn’t need to endure a break in using the watch. I also got to sample the ‘improvements’ in the new one and saw they were not significant for me.

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Yes, I’ve never had an issue and a typical week involves swimming, walking, running, yoga, rock climbing and touch football. I had a Garmin before getting the Apple Watch and far prefer the watch. To each their own.

As for a temp replacement, my son has a Nike version of Apple Watch he doesn’t use but I didn’t want to mess around setting it up for just a week. I’ll survive but I’m starting to wonder how I did it before the watch. It will be nice to wear my Tag again though :)

My iPhone (13 mini) installed the 17.2.1 update on Jan. 14 and since then my watch’s battery use has gone back to normal (i.e. I can get through a whole day on a single charge). :tada: I haven’t been keeping track but this may be the greatest number of consecutive days I’ve had with good battery life since installing watchOS 10.

I don’t think the iOS update included any code designed to correct this problem, I think either a code change accidentally fixed it or the act of installing the update eliminated some bad state that caused a problem for the watch. Or it’s a coincidence that had nothing to do with the iOS update. It wasn’t the act of restarting the iPhone because I turn my iPhone off at least once a week.

I must say, I’m not a happy camper. I just received an email from Apple saying the expected shipping date for my replacement watch is February 9.

Assuming a few days to arrive this will make it over a month for what’s affectively a battery replacement - despite the Apple Store telling me 7-10 days.

Surely there’s a better way. I’m hating not having it.

I can’t remember if you tried this, but I wonder if an unpair, iPhone backup, iPhone factory reset and restore, and watch pair would have done the same?

Yes, that sounds disappointing. Again, one solution (not a great one) is to take advantage of Apple’s pretty generous return policy and buy and then return an SE. Of course the other option, which I hope would have worked better for you, is ongoing AppleCare, which I hope would have resulted in a faster turnaround. Though I’m not sure if that’s an option in your country.

My son has a Nike Apple Watch he rarely wears so I’ve seconded that for a few weeks. Was pretty easy to set up.

I reset and repaired my watch but did not try resetting my iPhone. I don’t know that I’m willing to do that every time, a “restore” doesn’t actually restore everything back to it’s working state.

Yesterday, I installed iOS 17.3 and watchOS 17.3 and my battery life is back to plummeting this morning (from 100% to 57% in ~110 minutes). :frowning:

Just an opine to myself on what’s a reasonable time for repair.

When I need to replace my Tag Heuer battery I take it to the Tag store. It costs $130 AUD (less than Apple Watch replacement), includes a clean and pressure test and takes about a week.
Sorry to whinge, I’m just a bit ticked this is taking so long.

Interesting. As a counter-anecdote, I sent my mechanical Tag to the US service center for cleaning etc. (so, no battery, as there isn’t one) Oct 7, 2019 and didn’t receive it back until Nov 19.

That’s said, this must be an inventory issue, and I wonder if things are a bit messed up after the whole ITC US import ban issue. (I know that you’re not US but perhaps messed up everything.)

Yes, I’m somewhat curious to know how they manage it. They have to find the exact model somewhere here in Australia and given it’s a version 6 I’m not sure how many they’d have available. However, it would appear the (battery) life of these watches is coming to an end so the demand could become significant. Perhaps the delay is part of the ‘just on time’ philosophy for which Tim Cook is famous.

Maybe they’re counting on people just buying a new watch.

Well, the wait is over. My replacement (battery changed) watch arrived today. In total, 31 days without the most personal Apple device I own and the one I use the most.

I’m happy to have it back but not terribly pleased with the time for the process.

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