Apple Watch 4 Aluminum--Gold or Rose Gold?

I own a gold aluminum Series 2 Apple Watch and use the chocolate brown sports band most of the time. The watch itself dull gold with a very light bronze tint. The Series 4 pictures all show the aluminum cases against pinkish bands while the stainless steel watches are shown with white or gold bands. Thus, the aluminum version appears to have a somewhat pinkish tint while the steel is a shiny bronze gold. I curious whether the aluminum gold watch is actually more of a Rose Gold (which I don’t want) or whether the band color influenced the picture. I’d appreciate if anyone has link to a write-up from someone who has seen the watch and mentions this.

A follow-up for anyone else interested:

I stopped by a local Apple Store to see how the Series 3 Gold compared to my series 2. The one on display on a table top was mated with a pinkish white band and did seem to pick up the pink color. However, when I hid that band from view and laid it over my brown band, the pinkish tinge disappeared, although it seem a bit more drained of color than my current watch. What that means for the Series 4 is unclear.