Apple TV 4K vs HD for Home Automation?

Has anyone seen a comparison of the Apple TV models as a HUB for home automation? Is one more noticeably responsive than the other?

It won’t make a difference. I recommend spending a little bit more on the 4K for future-proofing.

Thanks Josh. I have an Apple TV HD. I was just wondering if a 4K would work better as a hub. What I have mostly works okay, but sometimes it is very unresponsive, mainly in the early hours of the morning, e.g. if I get up at 5am to go to the bathroom. As I walk past the motion sensor, the bathroom lights should come on 25%, but occasionally they don’t, as if the Apple TV is too busy doing something else to turn on the lights. An hour or two later when I get up for good, it will work perfectly.

I’m not sure if a 4K would help there, but I’ve always recommended setting up multiple hubs if you can. An iPad can serve as a hub, as can a HomePod or an additional Apple TV. If you do want to buy a 4K, I might wait just a bit, because there are rumors of a new model around the corner.

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I just read a comment on Reddit talking about HomeKit Secure Video (a relatively new feature) that said that, in the poster’s experience, only a HomePod or Apple TV 4K worked reliably as a hub for that feature. That could be anecdotal, but, if true, that sounds like it would be reasonable for automations as well if you are having issues with yours. (I have a few advanced automations that seem to be working fine, and I have only the regular ATV - turn on a dehumidifier when it gets above a certain humidity, and turn off when it gets below another level - things like that.)