Apple Suspends Siri’s “Response Grading” Eavesdropping

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Apple has temporarily suspended its Siri “response grading” program that had contractors listen in on Siri recordings. That’s good, but it’s unfortunate that it took media coverage to push the company to change its practices.

I wonder whether Settings > Privacy > Share iPhone Analytics set to “off” and Settings > Privacy > Share iCloud Analytics set to “off” prevents Siri from eavesdropping. Or, am I mistaken?

Apple has said they will provide a method of opting-out of Siri eavesdropping in the near future, which tells me those settings are insufficient.

9to5mac reported that you can add a profile (or create one yourself) to turn off recording of Siri commands.

Apple is no longer using third parties to monitor Siri, but it would still prevent these from going to Apple itself.

What a difference a day makes: it looks like Google and Amazon have decided to copy Apple :wink::