Apple starting to drop Catalina support *already*?

Thanks David!

I should reiterate that on’s product feedback page the link under MacOS products for GarageBand was NOT presented to me. I think that may be because I was not operating under Big Sur, but I did check it three times.

I very much appreciate the comprehensive list of links!

Very strange. I’m also running Catalina.

My web browser is the latest Firefox with AdBlock Plus turned on (and lots of optional filters active), so maybe that makes a difference.

At long last and likely after way too many complaints, the App Store stopped pushing the incompatible Garage Band update to Catalina users. Only took them 2 months, but it is gone on my MBP and Catalina.

I am still getting the incompatible Garage Band updates. Maybe the change has happened for US iMac owners only.

Awesome, but not true on my US iMac on Catalina.

For what it’s worth I filed a full bug report on Feedback Assistant, even though I know it might not get the attention it needs.

I filed a report too. I think maybe it went away because I deleted the app. Apple does a terrible job of listening to end users.

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That would do it. The App store only shows updates for apps you have installed. Once an app is removed, you need to re-install it (your purchase history is a convenient place to find stuff that you bought and later removed).

Something changed today. I got the usual popup requesting that I upgrade Garage Band, but this time, when I clicked the Upgrade button, I saw:

Screen Shot 2021-02-04 at 08.50.04

But it’s still not 100%, because after clicking “Cancel”, the App Store apps is now in some limbo state:

Screen Shot 2021-02-04 at 09.03.45

It wasn’t updated, it’s on the list of available updates, but the button says “Open” and clicking it launches the version that’s already installed (10.3.5). I assume that’s because the “last compatible version” is 10.3.5, but the App Store hasn’t quite figured it out yet.

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Beat me to posting this—I was intrigued by this change too. I didn’t click the Download button either, since I had the older version. I wonder if getting it would have eliminated the update badge.

Today, I noticed that the Update button is back (probably because I rebooted as a part of installing the security update). I clicked it, and then the Download button. Doing so just repeats the “Download an older version” dialog four times, leaving everything unchanged (including the presence of the Update button)

I suppose I could just uninstall GarageBand and then reinstall it to (hopefully) make this bogus update alert go away, but I don’t care enough to bother, especially since it may well result in my losing the app altogether.

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I submitted feedback to Apple about the continuing presence of a Garageband update in the App Store under Catalina. In doing so, I hold the belief that Apple takes no interest in the feedback.

But I did do a chat session with Apple Support asking help to remove the Garageband update from my iMac. I contended via my Apple ID that Apple knows about my iMac, must know that my iMac is unable to install Big Sur at all and therefore this irritation is more evidence of the poor programming by Apple and arrogance of Apple. Of course, my line was contested by Apple Support, but even they acknowledged the poor form of Apple in this matter.

Apple Support hinted that chat sessions offer more promise for change than the feedback form.