Apple Services (Music & News) Throughput Issues

This on an iPhone 14 Pro (17.5) an an iPad mini 6 (17.5). I live in Thailand. Note that I haven’t tested these issues on devices other than these two.

For the past month or so I’ve been having throughput problems with two of Apple’s services: News+ and Music

If I am streaming music on either of the above devices each song takes much too long to start and often pauses (buffers?) for an irritating long period of time. Sometimes several times per song. Playing downloaded music is not a problem so I have pretty much given up on Music streaming and just play downloaded playlists.

I have done a “Speedtest” with the Ookla app on my iPhone while the music is stopped with the following result:

 Download: 463 Mbps
 Upload:   383 Mbps

So, I know the Internet is working fine on the iPhone even though music will not stream.

Furthermore, on the iPhone the Music pausing happens even when I am using only cellular data, not WiFi. So, I know it’s not an ISP problem.

With Apple News+ the article thumbnails often fail to load and it becomes impossible to load articles. Sometimes, but not always, I get a message that says:

Story Unavailable. Apple News isn’t connected to the Internet.

I tried a Speedtest on the iPad when News was failing to load with the following result:

 Download: 402 Mbps
 Upload:   296 Mbps

So, I know the Internet is working fine on the iPad even though News will not load.

The following is using the Ookla speediest CLI on an MBA which was about three meters from and in line of sight with the router.

    Download:   568.71 Mbps (data used: 633.7 MB)
    Upload:     478.09 Mbps (data used: 458.6 MB)

I don’t have any problem with other streaming services such as AppleTV+, Netflix, YouTube, France24, etc.

The only problem is with Apple Music streaming (radio, playlists, etc.) and Apple News.

Since this doesn’t seem to be device or network dependent, I have to assume that it is a problem with Apple’s streaming services or, perhaps, their content delivery network.

I’m hoping someone with a better brain than mine will have a better idea.