Apple’s Base Model iPad Goes Semi-Pro

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Apple has updated its entry-level iPad with a larger screen and Smart Keyboard support, making Apple’s best bargain even better.

I agree with you, Josh. This iPad is actually a really good deal.

I wonder what the reason behind the display change was. Are 10.2" panels somehow cheaper than 9.7" panels? It seems there was no other compelling reason to make it just slightly bigger.

Apple might have negotiated a better from the supplier, but I suspect that this might be a move to get more iPads into more hands so they can lock more people into the Apple ecosystem and to sell more services.

I agree about the goal of increasing adoption, but it’s interesting that Apple is doing this only in the iPad space, and elsewhere relying on older models to hold down the lower price points.

I read about this at apple’s site last night. It’s exactly what we (his parents and I) want for my grandson, and I think I’ll trade in my older mini and get one for myself.