Apple’s AirTag Promises to Help You Find Your Keys

Jason Snell links to an interview with some Apple execs where they make this point about pets having to come within range of the Find My network.


This brief article does a nice job of showing how that exactly works.

While Apple-branded AirTag holders are at least as expensive than the actual AirTags, note that Apple is also selling a Belkin holder with either a loop or a key ring (the holder itself can be detached from the ring or loop) for less than 1/2 the price of an AirTag.

There are even cheaper options on Amazon already. I found one with free Prime shipping for $6.99 for delivery next week (others are promising late May or June). This still seems expensive for a mere keychain loop, but it’s world’s better than Apple’s insane prices.

I’m sure in a month the options on Amazon will be even better and much cheaper.

Well, cool then! :slight_smile:

That’s a really interesting paper. I’ll echo what Adam said: it’s great that researchers did this work, and Apple seems to have mitigated the vector attackers could exploit. Which is also good! Apple doesn’t always do that, unfortunately, without more prodding.

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Except that would defeat the whole purpose of the sound, which is to prevent someone from stalking another person by surreptitiously hiding an AirTag on them or something they use regularly. If you could disable the sound or change it to be two weeks, then so could a stalker.