Apple reportedly replaced 10 times as many batteries as expected in 2018


11 million customers that didn’t need to buy a new iPhone

(Adam Engst) #2

Yeah, as I said in my article about the sales slowdowns, that battery replacement program was probably horrible for Apple’s earnings, but something that will help lots more people use their iPhones for longer.

(Tommy Weir) #3

And in my case replacing the battery in my SE (I call them the Steve Edition) resulted in a breakage by the Apple staff. So I got a brand new one. Happy to wait and hope a new small form factor is released.

(Diane D) #4

Pretty much the same experience and feelings as Tommy! The said they had a hard time replacing my battery, or some such thing. Then it took me over 24 hours to get the new phone restored, and we could never get the old phone operating again so I could wipe it. I spent way too much time on a process that should have only taken me 2 trips to the Apple store while I was in town that day.

Even though my phone works great, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy a new small one if it came out. Except for price. That would make me hesitate. I can’t believe how expensive the phones have gotten.


(Simon) #5

This is good for everybody, even if some don’t realize it. Users got more out of their iPhones, Apple was able to very publicly demonstrate the longevity of their devices. They walked into this mess rather awkwardly (not to say they acted plain dumb) but in the end it turned out really well. Sure a few shareholders will whine about missed sales, but between the Chinese economy going sour and Apple’s price hike coupled with their recent hardware laziness, I don’t for a moment believe any of their real issues stem from this battery replacement. This IMHO was one of their stronger moments.

(Dana Schwartz) #6

I got the “broken” line too, after an hour. Yet they were able to bring it out and erase it in front of me. Got a new phone right away. I think it’s just easier to swap devices if they have the model in stock at the store.