Apple Releases Minor watchOS 4.3, tvOS 11.3, and HomePod 11.3 Updates

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watchOS 4.3 lets you control your HomePod from your Apple Watch, allows the Apple Watch’s Nightstand mode work in any orientation, and shows more information on the Siri watch face. tvOS 11.3 merely lets fourth-generation Apple TV owners play videos in their original frame rate, and HomePod 11.3 fixes bugs.

Has anyone noticed any difference in the HomePod’s behavior after the update? I haven’t.

After the tvOS 11.3 upgrade I was presented with this screen:

Wonder if tvOS included some GDPR features or if these were already present?

~ Rodney

Yes, I have noticed a difference. I use the HomePod with Airplay to provide audio in my Living Room from the iTunes on the iMac in my office. Prior to the update, changing the volume on the HomePod also changed the volume level on the iMac. The only way to manipulate volume on the HomePod without affecting the iMac was to work directly in the Airplay dropdown in iTunes or the Airplay section of the IOS Remote App.

The update fixed that so that I can independently control the HomePod volume either through the top of the HomePod or through Siri.