Apple Releases macOS 13 Ventura, iPadOS 16.1, iOS 16.1, watchOS 9.1, and More

Speaking of removal, Preview in Ventura can no longer display ps or eps. :roll_eyes:

Yes, the “functionality” is still there, but now one has to edit it with the “networksetup” shell command. Likewise, scheduled startups/shutdowns now require “pmset” in the shell. In a new record, I ran up against both of these in my first hour with Ventura.

Fine. Linux is free and the hardware to run it is a lot cheaper.

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I’ve discovered that on my MacBook Pro, (MacOS 13) Mac Mail, which was working ok with Office365 work email, keeps bringing up some weird mailbox error. Restarting the machine thankfully seems to have fixed it.

However, I don’t see the iPadOS available when I go to Software Update.

As Apple has locked down macOS and stripped features, I have found a spare ThinkPad running Linux to be handy to have around.

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Not all iPads are “compatible” with OS16.1. Mine updated but by wife’s older iPad did not offer the update.

Mine is a 3rd generation iPad Pro 11-inch (i.e. with the M1 chip) so I would think it would qualify. That’s why I’m perplexed I haven’t seen an option to upgrade it yet.

As with iOS 16 and the iPhone, iPadOS 16.1 is an optional update. Settings / General / Software Update - you should see a link to iPadOS 16 at the bottom of that screen.

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That’s why I’m puzzled as l don’t and I have before with previous updates

Sometimes it takes a while for updates to show up. Maybe when the Apple Servers (Masters!:blush:) are busy.

For (my) future reference, Josh keeps this article up-to-date:

re: Network Utility - I agree, trilo. It still works fine @ Big Sur and Monterey. I stashed a copy on an attached HD (vs. in Applications where Apple deprecates it every time it does an update / upgrade) and have a handy shortcut to it. I’ve used ping for years with my satellite based ISP as a general speed and ‘weather’ checker

Update. I finally found out what the problem was thanks to this article.

Months ago I had tested some iPadOS 15 betas, but although I had left the beta program, the certificate that limits you to iPadOS 15 was still under my VPN/Security settings. Deleting the certificate, rebooting the iPad, immediately brought up the option of iPad OS 16. Thanks everyone for the suggestions and help.

Does Ventura Mail finally remember user specified column width settings again?

OH MY GAWD! Am I the only person in the world who still syncs desktop-iPhone-iPad via USB?

My first sync under Ventura / iOS 16.1 resulted in easily 3-4 thousand spurious Calendar entries on my desktop. I will be days sorting this out, much less discerning any pattern to describe it in a useful bug report.

There is Time Machine, but who knows which files have to be restored to get the complete Calendar database? And then will Ventura just trash it again.

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tvOS 16 introduced a problem for setting up users. In order to sync an account and “make use of iCloud features”, it required an iDevice to access the account data (or whatever it does). However, there is NO manual option, so any user HAS to have an iDevice handy, with that account as its main iCloud account. This is not always possible.

Well I do have an old iPhone that could be used in this way. But, to do this, it HAS to be running ?OS 16, which was a bit cheeky when iPadOS 16 had not then been released, so no iPads could be used to complete account updating at the time tvOS 16 was released. Needless to say, my old iPhone cannot run iOS 16. So tvOS 16 has made it IMPOSSIBLE for me to complete account updating (which it requires after the upgrade) on my multiple AppleTVs.

This is so absurd I contacted Apple Support. They agreed it was daft and said they are aware of the problem but we’ll just have to wait for the next update to fix this.

tvOS 16.1 just released and guess what, still the same absurdity. I still CANNOT ‘finish setup’ of the main account on the AppleTVs as I have no iDevice that uses that account and can run ?OS 16. An AppleTV is no longer fully usable without a (latest) iDevice.

Even the other accounts on the Apple TVs for which we do have iPhones on iOS 16 still request in the Settings app to ‘Finish setup on iPhone’, even when having completed exactly that, no matter how many times. Why keep asking for further setup when there is nothing that needs to be done.

Apple are capable of great things, but too often they completely screw things up and then cannot be bothered to fix it in the next OS update (or ever?). Or do they seriously think that DEMANDING an AppleTV user also has the very latest iDevice before being able to fully set up their Apple TV is acceptable? Their arrogance increasingly astonishes. Or is it stupidity?

For anyone on Ventura and Outlook 365, can you verify you can no longer revert to Legacy Outlook? I have option on Monterey under Help. But it seems a colleague on Ventura found you can’t delete attachments (only) from email in Outlook under Ventura (option to remove is missing). And no longer is revert to legacy there (sent me screen shot). Unless this is a setting at admin/enterprise 365 level, I think not having legacy on Ventura is bad. New Outlook, imho, is just awful.

I just tried the native Outlook version 16.66.1 (22101101) that’s included with my Microsoft 365 Home account. It still has the ability to toggle “Old Outlook”/“New Outlook”. It’s found in the Outlook menu in the macOS menu bar. Plus when you’re in “Old Outlook” there’s a slider at the top right of the Outlook window to enable “New Outlook” - the same type of item to toggle back isn’t found in New Outlook, so you have to go to the menu bar.

I did test “New Outlook” and found the same inability to remove an attachment. Switching back to “Old Outlook” did allow me to remove an attachment. Guess it’s time for feedback to Microsoft about a missing feature.

Admittedly, though this might not be the same Outlook version that’s used by enterprises.

Thanks! I am assuming your are on Ventura?
(and perhaps you are right on the Home vs Ent. There are deployment options to enable/disable Legacy and/or New Outlook toggle for Mac M365 Outlook. So I am pursuing that area as well)

Yes, I’m on Ventura.

My iPad Calendar is still intact. Syncing via USB has a “Replace Contacts” checkbox, but it only seems to go from Mac to iOS. Is anyone aware of way to to replace in the opposite direction?

Otherwise, I’m restoring Monterey. This is an incredible mess, and it seems to be actively corrupting as I repair?


Once you recover your Calendar and Contacts data on the Mac you can create an archive via the File/Export menu. I regularly create an archive on an external drive (or bluray disk a couple of times a year).
Not sure how to recover the data - I guess delete all current entries and import the archived data (also in the File menu).
Mind you, this is all under Mojave. I have no idea if it is supported in later macOS.