Apple Releases iOS 16.3, iPadOS 16.3, and macOS 13.2 Ventura with Hardware Security Key Support

Do you do this for every point update and security update? That seems like a lot of disruption.

Of course not. For a new machine, or, in the case being discussed here, a bricked machine requiring reinstall of the OS (which hasn’t happened to me, but this is what I would do).

so the whole exercise doesn’t take forever

Yep…had to erase and reinstall my Studio after the failed Ventura.2 update…and recovering from a spinning 2.5 Seagate drive took almost 48 hours after the Os install. Obviously I need to get an SSD for TM.

And even beyond bricking the machine…more and more buggy. Once I was done reinstalling Monterey, then Ventura.2, then Migration Assistant to restore from TM…checked and all seems to be good on the Studio itself…but file sharing no longer connects to previously defined shares. Went into Settings and verified the proper folders were shared with the proper names and permissions…I’ve got the same user accounts on all machines so selecting the admin user, the administrators group, and the share connection user all to R/W…and verified permissions on the folders including propagating them downwards through the folder and just can’t connect. I use computer, network, click on the server, select logon as either the admin user or the sharing user, I see all the shares but clicking on one of the shares just gives me the endless beachball in the corner of the Finder window. Similarly…ConnectMeNow4 doesn’t connect them either despite it being (a) correctly configured and (b) works just fine before Ventura.2. QC seems to be down the toilet with this update unless it’s just me.

And then again…maybe it’s just something up with the networking in Ventura.2…doing some more investigation I went into CCC and created a new job with Remote Mac as the destination…once authenticated it lets me step through the folders and subfolders under the share point but it takes a couple minutes to list every folder as I go down the tree even if there are only a half dozen subfolders. That job is running now and appears to be copying successfully…but it appears to be running fairly slowly, only copying about 250 MB per minute which seems slower than it used to be…it’s wifi from the laptop but it’s an M1 MBP. I’ve got an identical job in CCC that attempts to mount the root of the share and then the destination is down in the mounted share…but that one quits without ever mounting the share and mounting it manually isn’t working. All of the shares are set up as SMB on the Studio that’s the server and all the permissions and share settings haven’t changed beyond the upgrade to Ventura.2 and the Studio is on ethernet, not wifi.

Meanwhile…connecting to the 2013 mini still running Monterey works just fine…it’s also on ethernet so the only wifi involved is the MBP and the Orbi mesh router which are working just fine and Speedtest says I’m getting my normal daytime 150 Mbps or so…which converts to about 20 MB/S or 1200 MB/min…so I’m guessing it’s not the wifi…and ethernet is all IPv4 gigabit.

For completeness’ sake, I’ll share that tonight, after updating my CCC (supposedly) bootable backup, I went back into Recovery Mode, re-enabled “SIP” via “csrutil enable”, rebooted, and seem to be fine. So I guess I’m now fully back on track, my life having only had a couple more years shaved off of it due to stress.

I really should find a way to monetize all this work, other than just “keeping everything running”!

I’ve seen keys with support Near-Field Communicationn (NFC) for use with iDevices.

This Yubikey has both a lightning and USB-C end, so you can use it with an iPhone, iPad, and/or MacBook.

This one is USB-C and NFC and supports iPhone with NFC.

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Yes, Wirecutter rates the Yubikey Series 5 highly but consider it a splurge.

Looks like Apple has also changed iOS 16.3 to allow adding widgets to classic wallpapers.

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That’s great. But too late. Many folks by now will have recreated from scratch. This should have been in there on day 0 IMHO. I’d guess this is just another victim of the forced annual release schedule.

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I never deleted my old one, just created new ones. So, it’s not too late for me. (That said - I stopped using widgets on the lock screen at all. It basically duplicates info I have on my watch face anyway.)

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I posted in another thread but wanted to close the loop here. Today’s update, macOS Ventura 13.2.1 has resolved the issue and i again can use my Pioneer drive.

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