Apple Releases iOS 15.2, iPadOS 15.2, macOS 12.1 Monterey, watchOS 8.3, and tvOS 15.2

I have the same problem you have.

THANK YOU for mentioning “Have to select the > in the upper right to get to the song playing.”
I went several days losing what song I was at in a playlist each time I left the car and re-entered.

So while I agree this change shouldn’t have happened, you pointed out an easy fix (vs my always losing my place in the playlist.)

For those looking for a pattern - iPhone 11 with 265 GB - iOS 15.2

Same here, and yes, I think the black patch corresponds to the on-screen menu area. I’m not sure that tells us anything other than the fact that USB-C is somehow unreliable. I must say the problem happens only occasionally. This Mac doesn’t have a DisplayPort output, otherwise I’d switch to that.

Can anyone confirm whether MacOS 12.1 has resolved the HiDPI issue with 2k (2560 x 1440) monitors and M1 hardware?

QHD monitor with HiDPI and Mac Mini M1


Does Tidbits now say enough time has passed and bugs fixed to recommend upgrading to Monterey 12.1 ?

Good question. I’ve upgraded all my Macs now and haven’t experienced any problems. I can’t say that would be true for everyone, depending on what apps you use and the age of your current version of macOS, but I don’t think there’s any obvious reason to hold off longer. I’ll do a little asking around among consultant friends and see what they think.

Might be worth looking at the posts in MacRumours “Monterey” section, e.g.

Time Machine still doesn’t work for me on macOS 12.1. Others have reported the same problem I have, so it’s not just me. I’m not sure how common the problem is, though.

Something new to me on Monterey is Photos seems even less stable than before. I’m used to there being all manner of issues with face detection since the move from iPhoto, but now Photos just seems to crash quite often. When then causes the next launch of photos to go into “Restoring” mode for more than a full day. Upon restore, the People album notifies me that it has scanned zero photos.

I’m curious if anyone else has problems with Photos similar to this recently.

I’m wondering: apart from the multiple “restorations,” is this the database that migrated from iPhoto to Photos? You could try archiving your current migrated library (mine was migrated from Aperture and has a “.migratedaplibrary” extension, your library from iPhoto may have some similar nomenclature). Once all the libraries in your Pictures folder are archived and out of the way/unavailable, launch Photos and have it/let it Import the photos in your Pictures folder from scratch.

It sounds like something from the original iPhotos library database didn’t migrate correctly, which may not have been an issue in Big Sur but is in Monterey.

(I suggest archiving the current library rather than deleting it because if you’re like me there’s a lot of organization represented there and I wouldn’t want to lose it unless I had to!)