Apple Releases iOS 12.3, macOS 10.14.5, watchOS 5.2.1, and tvOS 12.3 and Debuts New Apple TV App

I don’t either, I’m just wondering if installing the current Mobile Device update will replace the I’m running now. I do have some clones, maybe I’ll boot from one of those and install the update and see what happens.

I have… none. At all. Going back to 2015/12/29 (which must be when I started fresh). I do have a bunch of iTunes updates, the last with a version being 12.7. The two after that without versions might be the 12.6.5 ones. Lots of other things as well, but no Mobile Device.

Does anyone know if this iTunes update has been vetted for 100% reliable synching via iTunes USB to the local computer? I refuse to use the cloud (too many bad experiences and data loss), so I ALWAYS back up and sync to my local computer via USB… does this update keep that intact?

Using USB backup right now. It is giving an error message ‘Attempting to copy to the disk “Macintosh” failed. An unknown error occurred (-54)’
It seems to have completed the backup anyway but there is no easy way to test this without risking corrupting my iPhone.

I updated my iPhone 10, iPad Mini 4, & iPad Mini 5 to iOS 12.3 and they all sync fine with iTunes on my iMac 21" running El Capitan. However, I won’t be adding this “iTunes Device Support Update” until I can be sure it doesn’t screw-up iTunes

The 10.14.5 update contained the latest iTunes Device Support, so you didn’t need it.

Also, it won’t show up for users that don’t have an current iDevice associated with iTunes.

Al, I just checked and there isn’t any mention of “Mobile Device” in that location.

Thanks for the reply, Al. I was confused because others mentioned that the iTunes Device Support Update was separate. I just plugged in my iPhone and upgraded iOS to 12.3 and it seemed to work just fine. So, it looks as though the latest version of iTunes is

Also look for “iTunes Device Support Update”, which was what this latest version was called.

Of course you will always get the latest when iTunes is updated and I don’t believe you will get the update at all unless you have a qualifying iDevice associated with iTunes.

Not sure how one would go about “vetting for 100% reliability” but I can report that there were no issues just now when I synced my iPhone 7 in High Sierra.

Fwiw, the iTunes Device Support Update did not interfere with my installation of iTunes under High Sierra 10.13.6.

When Apple released that special iTunes installer it also stated that it would never prompt for an iTunes update again. So far Apple has held true to that.


Well I haven’t allowed this update to be installed until I can find out if it will screw-up my iTunes installation. The weird thing is that under installations it doesn’t list any iTunes versions after 12.5.4 but does show 6 further installs of iTunes with the last dated 9/13/18. I know there were 9 updates after 12.5.4:,,,,,,,, & so I must have skipped/missed 3 of them

Also, starting with Mojave, iTunes is now part of the Mac OS installer so you’ll only get iTunes updates when you install a Mac OS update - no more standalone installers.

I installed the update and it doesn’t seem to have bothered my iTunes installation at all. It can still see my iDevices, the App page looks the same, a sync and a backup worked. Not an exhaustive test, but as far as I can tell everything’s fine.

Thanks, blm! That is what Iwas looking for. And you can still access the App Store,buy apps, rearrange the apps on the various screens of your iDevices in iTunes?

Yes, I can access the app store. I had a couple of apps with updates so I downloaded those and I “bought” a free game. The device’s screens show up and I swapped the locations of two apps. Everything worked fine. As far as I can tell it works just the same as before I installed the update.

OK, that is great to hear. I’ll have to go check the MAS for the update and tell it to install. Thanks again.