Apple plans to give away original content for free to device owners

This sounds like a very good selling point for Apple hardware that Samsung, HP, Lenovo, Microsoft, LG, Dell, etc. will have a hard time duplicating:

I’ll bet Netflix or Disney aren’t too happy about this, or are AT&T/HBO, who just announced they will debut a new DTC service:

How many streaming services do they think people will subscribe to? I have zero interest in an Apple streaming service, especially since I have no idea what they’re going to show. I have zero interest in DC’s streaming service or CBS’s streaming service even though I know there are shows I’d like to see on them. (Star Trek: Discovery is at least coming out on DVD soon. Not sure if Titans ever will). I’d much rather buy passes to those shows from Apple or Amazon (which has gotten much worse recently in that regard). I pay for Netflix, which has lots of things I want to watch, and I get Amazon Prime for “free”. I’m glad to hear Apple will be “free” because I’d never pay for it. That’s enough.

Same here. I’m not planning to pay Apple a cent for any streaming service. I’ll go to the experts for that when I want it. Apple should focus on what it knows well and is good at. Services has never been it. Advantage if they offer it for “free”: nobody will be able to complain when it’s bad, plus their marketing folks have one more talking point when they try to tout the advantages of the platform.