Apple Music subscription cost going up

I got this email today. Any thoughts on the increase?

Thank you for subscribing to Apple Music. We wanted to let you know about an upcoming change to this subscription.

Apple is raising the price of this subscription from $99.00 per year to $109.00 per year. Your subscription will automatically renew for $109.00 per year starting February 24 unless you cancel at least a day before.

That’s a 10% increase.


Apple has been rolling out its Music subscription pricing slowly and globallly:

They have already been raising student Music prices in the US and some global markets:

Spotify has still not been doing well across the board and has already raised the prices of some some subscription tiers globally:

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I wonder what the break even point is for Apple? I guess they are counting on 10% or more of subscribers not dropping their subscription?

I suspect they are still well above the breakeven point:


Apple Music has been growing significantly every year, and they earned $72 billion in 2022:

I’ll bet that Music is also a big selling point for Apple hardware.

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