Apple Music strange behavior

Using an iPhone XS Max up to date and air playing to up to date HomePod mini pair.

Recently got Apple Music subscription when they bought Primephonic…we only listen to classical music…had to rebuild playlists so the tracks will play in the correct order like they should for a symphony or concerto with movements.

When I play a playlist at bedtime…after the piece concludes…most playlists are entire albums because that’s the way most classical music recordings roll…it keeps playing similar music instead of just stopping. I’ve tried clicking and I clicking the “Play similar” button but that has no effect…so I’ve taken to also setting a timer with Stop Playing as the timer ending action…that works sometimes but not consistently.

Apple has said they’re writing a new classical music app…I hope they take some pointers from the Primephonic app they bought because Apple,s Music app has never really worked right for classical music.

In the interim…any ideas on how to get Music to play the selected album and then just stop reliably?


In the Playing Next screen make sure the little “infinite” symbol is not highlighted.

Apple call it “auto play” in their Apple Music user guide


With all the ongoing discussions about Apple Music and cover art, I’m wondering if this will be an issue with the new version of Primephonic? Was cover art a feature in Primephonic?


And playlists work the way they should and didn’t randomly shuffle the tracks of a symphony or concerto. I thought it was far superior to Music for classical…and since that’s all we listen too it was just better.

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