Apple Music question

Will probably be moving to new cell service that includes Apple Music. I did not sign on to Music when it first came out (though I do pay for Match), as many people were having problems with losing songs in the sync process or getting different copies in the match.

Is everything about Apple Music now sorted out. I have a large library of music and many playlists that I do not want to use, and they are a combination of purchased and ripped songs. Will this be OK? Anyone’s experience would be helpful to me.

I upgraded from iTunes Match to an Apple Music subscription at the beginning of the summer in 2018 and it has been rock-solid for me. I haven’t noticed any of my ripped music been replaced by other versions (I have quite a few albums that are concert MP3s, and all of them remain those versions when I play on all of my devices), and all of my playlists sync properly (even the “last played” field for each song.)