Apple Mail - Search Context - Ventura

Good morning!

I’m having an annoying problem in Apple Mail in Ventura. Something seems to have changed pretty recently, and I’m not sure whether I did something or this slipped in as part of an Apple update.

When I do a search, either by typing in the search box at the upper right or by choosing “Search for [Name]” from the popup of the sender’s address, the search now returns results from all mailboxes in all accounts. (In the left-hand sidebar, a “Search” section appears at the top and “All Mail” is selected under that; as soon as I start typing in the search field, the top of the message list section displays ‘Searching “All Messages”’.)

I talked to Apple Support, and they seemed to think this was an intentional change, but I don’t recall it coinciding with an update. I can always do a two-step process–first, do the search, then select my main inbox in the left-hand sidebar–but that is an extra step I’d rather not have to do every time I’m trying to search/filter my inbox.

Anyone have any thoughts or experiences with this? Is there a Mail extension that would work in Ventura to help this workflow?



Just to confirm that I have noticed the same behavior. I haven’t made any changes in my Mail setup, so I think it was likely caused by a recent update. (I’m running 13.2.1.)

Sorry I don’t have a workaround.

That has been the behavior since macOS 13.0. I agree that it’s annoying.