Apple Mail crashes regularly under Monterey

I gave in and upgraded to Monterey 12.1 recently. Apple Mail was working fine for me under Big Sur without any crashes. Now Mail 15.0 periodically crashes for no apparent reason.

Is anyone else having this experience or developed a fix?

I’ve been using Mail 15.0 with Monterey 12.0 and 12.1 and no crashes.


I would open Mail’s “Activity” window and watch its log while it crashes. I bet it’s trying to access a certain account or mailbox and crashing due to corruption or a networking issue.

Once you narrow it down, you can temporarily disable that account or adjust its settings and see if you can prevent the crash. It’s most likely unique to your setup and not a normal situation others would encounter.

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Is it your experience that the log entries flash momentarily in the “Activity” window rather than scrolling? I doubt if I can catch the cause without scrolling as they appear only momentarily.

Well, you could run a screen record on that window (Cmd-Shift-5 and set the appropriate options).

Yes, it would be tricky, but it depends on what the problem is. My assumption would be it tries to retrieve a particular email or something and crashes, so if you could catch that, you’d know the cause – but that may not be the case.

You could go to the Connection Doctor menu and there’s a checkbox to turn on logging and view the logs after a crash. I have’t really done that, but I presume that might create a more detail written file than the normal system crash logs (which aren’t always too helpful).