Apple Mail and Junk Mail

I get a lot of junk mail (that goes into the Junk Mail mailbox in Apple Mail). For the past week or so, the volume had dropped significantly - it looked like Apple was blocking a lot of the trash before it got to users. This morning my Junk Mail folder had 50 pieces of junk. It’s like Apple stops trying - maybe they are just busy with WWDC! I have seen this pattern for a long time now - junk volume drops to 10-15 items, then in one day jumps back to 50 or more junk items. Maybe the junk mailers switch to a new system to send their mail that works around the Apple blocks. But it is an odd situation, Anyone know what is going on? I have to review the junk mail because sometimes real mail is identified as junk (it happens all the time for some of my newspaper newsletters).


I have also had problems with spam filtering in Apple Mail. How is your Apple Mail being spam-filtered? Mine goes through siteground, which hosts my web site, and they recently changed over from an outside service (Spam Experts) to a spam filtering system they wrote themselves. The change was something of an improvement, but I am still having problems with false positives. Siteground allows you to whitelist web sites and individual email addresses, but that didn’t work for one subscription that had vanished late last year. I was able to get it at a gmail address, but not on my Apple Mail address.

I don’t know if Apple is doing any spam filtering on my Apple Mail because it doesn’t go through Apple servers. I do know that even in the startup phase of the Siteground service, I have not seen the most obvious junk mail in years, so I think there must be something filter that obvious junk before it reaches Siteground or Apple. It would make sense to stop obvious spam before letting it onto the Net, but it could become problematic if there were many false positives, like David’s newspaper newsletters.

I am using the “stock” Mail application - so filtering/blocking is Apple.