Apple Magic Keyboard with Touch ID


we intend to use a magic keyboard with touchid with a new MacMini M1.

My wife and I have separate users on the still actual Mac.

Would touchid work for each of us separately when logging in or change the active user on the new Mac?

I ask because it seems that there are two versions of the MK w/o numeric block, one with touchid and one without, the price difference being about 50€.

Thank you

The Touch ID authentication logic is in the computer, not the keyboard. Using my TouchID keyboard with my M1 MacBookPro does not require me to set up TouchID again; it uses the setup I initially did with the internal keyboard.

I assume that you and your wife each have your own accounts; TouchID only allows you to set up 3 fingers per account.


Am curious… on mobile devices, the app has to specifically support biometric ID. Assuming the keyboard is for desktop, I am not aware of any apps running there that support biometric, or am I wrong here?

We need it on the Mac for login and want to use it whenever possible for Apple Pay with Safari. Purchases im Mac app Store may also be authorised via TouchId

1Password, the eBay website, and authenticating for many admin actions (such as clicking the lock icon in a system preference pane) all support TouchID on the Mac. I imagine there are other apps too. Of course waking from sleep and unlocking the Mac with a finger touch is a huge benefit in itself!