Apple Is Now an Antifragile Company

It appears that Apple by now has become a dogma, an American dogma that is.
Believe it or not.

It looks like Apple is the only company not affected by the silicon shortage.


I think that having a CEO with a strong supply chain and operations background in supply chain has a lot to do with it. But I do remember reading that Tim Cook said the chip supply shortage will be affecting Apple down the line.

TSMC, which supplies chips to pretty much everyone, is raising prices 10-20%.

Now GM has had to shut down production due to the chip shortage.

Tesla has started building its cars with chips they designed in house, but they ran into a shortage in Shanghai last month. The chips are are back into production once again. VW recently announced that they will be using chips they designed in a new line of self driving cars:

And Microsoft’s Xbox and Surface are really suffering: