Apple ID password not accepted

Having updated from Mojave to Big Sur I now find I can’t sign into the Apple discussions forum, or, using my usual password. I went through the ‘forgot password’ routine and set a new password but it’s still not accepted.
During the setup process for Big Sur it said it was opening an iCloud account for me, when I already had one, so presumably this is the source of the problem… Is there a simple solution or do I have to contact Apple support?

I think you’ll need to contact Apple support. If you’ve ended up with another iCloud account, you’ll want to make sure to stop using the new one for anything.

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Which AppleID is the Mac signed in with after the update? Are you able to sign in with your “old”:AppleID?
In any case, way back my original AppleID was just a name (eg myname) and I logged into Discussions with it. Over the years I was forced to use an email as my AppleID ( and now ). When I sign into Discussions it automatically uses my iCloud version but this, annoyingly, asks me to create a new Discussions ID so I have to over-ride the default and use my original (non-email) AppleID.
Your issue might be related for Discussions - but the iCloud login issue is a puzzle.

Thanks for your comments (also thanks to Adam). Losing access to iCloud is very alarming! Full marks to Apple for superb support, here in Spain - during a chat of nearly an hour we analysed the problem then successfully changed to a new password using an iPhone, not my iMac. Big relief.

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