Apple ID locked

All three of my devices (iPhone, iPad, and iMac) are telling me my Apple ID has been locked. Every effort to “unlock account” fail and say the Apple ID is locked. I was looking online for a phone number for support and nothing is shown under Apple ID. Has anyone had this problem and how can I get it solved. I have some deadlines to meet today and need to get this taken care of.

I’ve entered my Apple ID and the password multiple times and just keep going through this hopeless/endless loop of not succeeding.

Any experience to share on how to get this right? Please!


You’ll need to call Apple. I’d start by clicking Get Support at the bottom of this page:

Thanks, Adam… I had already found that page, but there is no phone number in sight. If you go through the “paces” on one of the choices, will that get me to a phone number or equivalent help?

800-my-apple will get you to the apple id people. Or people who can transfer you there. I always start with this number. Rarely does it not get me to where I need to be.

Just click Get Support and work through the menu—none of the canned responses will help, so just enter your own question and you’ll be given a chance to enter your phone number and they’ll call you. Or you can use online chat.

One of the main problems of cross-posting to multiple Lists at the same time is you can get an answer at one of the Lists you post to but no one on the other List will see it.

If you get a satisfactory answer that helps you resolve your problem it is always helpful to post it to the other List you are fielding suggestions at.

You already have some suggestions such as:

iForgot My Password

And this Apple Support page:

If Your AppleID is Locked

You can also try this page:

Contact Apple

Hopefully one of these guides you to a solution for what I am sure is a very scary and stressful problem for you.

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Call Apple support at (800) 275-2273.

You may have to call more than once to get an empathic and knowledgable agent as Apple Support is not what it used to be. For example I called last month with an issue and when asked for my user ID I gave it to him which has a domain (after the ‘@’ sign) of ‘’. He then asked me if it was an AOL account. Go figure!

I was very, very fortunate in getting a wonderful woman (name eluding me right now). As we went through the paces, we encountered the same problem I had had which made everything mess up – happening when doing what was required according to the iPhone. Went to the iMac and entered the problem from another place … took a restart, but then everything worked out all right everywhere eventually.

One cannot have a so so experience with apple support and then paint the entire support system as “not what it used to be.” It depends on your issue and it’s more than the usual, you can always ask for a higher specialist.

And when you are locked out because of so many tries, sometimes you can wait a bit or use another browser. That works at times