Apple Focuses on X Appeal with the iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max

(Simon) #101

I thought this was interesting. This is how the San Francisco Chronicle kicks off a piece about the sales launch of the new iPhone.

Emphasis mine. Not sure that’s exactly what Apple marketing was hoping to see. :wink:

(Doug Miller) #102

If Apple gets as much (or more) profit from selling the XR as they do the other two phones, I doubt that they would care.

(Nick Pappas) #103

does the XS contain both a physical SIM and and eSIM? coverage of this issue has been minimal.

what software requires an update? iOS or telecom vendor network?

(Doug Miller) #104

Both a physical SIM and an eSIM (in all but the Chinese market, which has phones with two physical SIMs and no eSIM.)

(Mark Nagata) #105

The company jumped from iPhone 4S to iPhone 5s and iPhone 6s before coming back around to iPhone XS and iPhone XR.

Apple’s web page says “iPhone Xs” all over, with the lowercase “s”. So does the specs page

CNET Japan article (in Japanese) reports that the box they received from Apple clearly writes “iPhone Xs Max” (the picture is on the article.)

So, at least for Apple, “iPhone Xs” seems to be the official name, rather than “iPhone XS”.

(Doug Miller) #106

Of course this is trivial, but Macrumors reported official word that the S and R in XS and XR should be either a small caps letter or, if small caps are not available, should be styled with a capital letter.

This is especially relevant for the XR. A lowercase s resembles a small caps S, but the same is not true for a lowercase r.

(Adam Engst) #107

Thanks for posting that, @ddmiller. I’d come to the same conclusion because of Apple’s use of the small caps R, but it’s nice that Apple confirmed.

(crun) #108

100% agreement, @frederico. i too would pay an iphone x price for a smaller phone with all or most iphone x features. i don’t want a cheap phone. i also don’t want a phablet. my pockets aren’t that big.