Apple expands its reach with free Apple Music on Verizon Wireless – TechCrunch


Another interesting move to expand the reach of Apple’s services. I suspect more to follow with the release of video entertainment:

(Adam Engst) #2

These deals that bundle audio or videos streaming services with cell plans feel to me more like marketing checklist items than something that make that much of a difference for most people’s usage of their smartphones. I realize I’m in the wrong demographic, but I know no one who ever watches significant amounts of video on their smartphone over cellular. And audio, much as that’s more common, isn’t nearly as much bandwidth.

So for the (probably younger) people who do watch tons of video on their phones, and do so wherever they are without worrying about being on Wi-Fi, is something like this really a major differentiating factor, or are they already looking for the so-called “unlimited” plans that don’t care about what sort of data is being downloaded?