Apple Dropping Intel For ARM Processors?

Is Apple going to switch from Intel processors to ARM processors?

Intel reportedly expects Apple to start the Mac’s transition to ARM next year - 9to5Mac

The Apple Switch From Intel To Arm Processors - How Will The Pro Audio Industry Prepare? | Production Expert

Intel Reportedly Confirms Apple’s Move To Custom ARM-Based Processors In Future Macintosh Systems

How the Mac will go ARM | iMore

MacBook move: Apple hires key Arm chip designer, pointing to shift from Intel | ZDNet

Apple’s move to ARM-based Macs is possible because most users want power more than compatibility – MacDailyNews

Intel Confirms Apple Macs Will Switch to Arm CPUs by 2020, Says Report

With huge changes looming, should you avoid buying new Macs? | ZDNet

Apple plans to ditch Intel processors on the Mac | Cult of Mac

Apple Takes Another Step Towards ARM-based Macs - The Mac Observer

The following article suggests why it is NOT going to happen:

Why You’ll Probably Never Own A Mac With An ARM Processor [Feature] | Cult of Mac

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From all these excellent links as well as what I’ve read elsewhere, I’ll take big odds on Apple rolling its own ARM processors for Macs. My trusty and much loved MBP has begun its slow but inevitable journey to that great Apple graveyard in the sky. Though I know it will be best to replace it with a new mini or MBP, because I bought my equally beloved 9600 literally 6-8 weeks before Steve Jobs announced that OS X would only run on Intel Macs. So I’m hesitating that I’d once again be left out of the latest and greatest software and upgrades and hoping Apple will begin rolling its own ARM Mac processors sooner than later.