Apple Devices all requesting passwords

This evening, all of our Apple devices are asking for passwords and to sign in again. On one device we put in the password again, and it says that because of a security issue, a new password is required. Then it goes to the Create a New Password screen and we created one. But it was not accepted.

Now all of our devices, not even on the same Apple ID are requesting passwords, but I do not plan on doing more until I understand what is happening.

Has anyone else seen this?

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Yes. Most recent was last week. I actually drafted a comment but never posted it. Here it is:

Good luck investigating this.

Yes, me, just now, roughly 21:30 in New York. No one else in the household had the problem.

Definitely from Apple as the 2FA requests were properly coming through.

My initial password change was not completed because of a “server error”. I was working on my iPad, so I went to Settings and followed the path from the warning that my Apple ID needed attention. This time the password reset worked. Then all I had to do was log in to Apple again on my iPhone and desktop, redo a couple of app specific passwords, sacrifice a chicken, and so on.

Just to mention, by the time I got to each device 1Password had already replicated the new password to that device. That helped with everything but the chicken

Dave W.


yes, luckily I was able to change my password (and then of course cascading log ins on multiple devices).

I changed my password because it had been a few years since I last did, fwiw.

The same happened to me at about the same time. I’ve created a new password for my Apple ID and have updated all my devices except one (an Apple TV that I occasionally use through the HDMI port on my secondary monitor).

I’ve had to recreate at least one app-specific password (Fantastical). It also appears that my iPhone is the only device I can use for 2FA verification for a week.

Just finished with over an hour with Apple Support, where, a couple levels up, I was told my account had been locked. It had been locked due to too many incorrect passwords. They could not tell me more than that (such as who was doing it). I had to use my wife’s iPhone to use Apple Support to reset my password. Has this type of attack been reported with other Apple users, or is this a thing when some rando tries to use your Apple ID and break in to your account?

With this happening to both my wife and I, it is either a bigger problem with others, or feels kinda personal. Will update as it changes.

The press has noticed:

Another victim here. Apple ID password required reset and all Apple Specific Passwords revoked. Seems to be some indication it might be and IDs only though not all of these have been affected.

Also on Macrumours:


I’m seeing the same thing.
Can’t log on to iCloud

Encountered the same issue - ended up having to reset my password and looking forward to the joy of redoing my app-specific passwords.

Just a tip about ASPs which may already be known. I originally thought you had to create on ASP per app, but you don’t One ASP will work for all third party apps.


oh, that’s good to know as I have BusyCal and BusyContacts on several Macs, and they are all bugging me this morning…

edit to add, still seems like there is something going on at Apple’s end, as when I try to generate a App-specific password, I initially got an error message

Screenshot 2024-04-27 at 9.25.08 AM

Also as part of this “issue”, all previous ASPs have been revoked

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@mjtsai experienced this too and has more reports.

I haven’t had this particular problem, but last week sometime, I was forced to re-enter my Apple ID password and my iMac’s login password to restart iCloud syncing. That happened twice, once each on two different Macs.

Same for me. Also came with messages about Cloud sync issues.

Earlier in the day, I had noticed that one or two messages on my iPhone was not updated to my Mac, even after multiple manual sync within Messages. Because the dialogue box requirement to change AppleID was across all my devices, looked legit after checking, I was unable to stick with my existing password at the Apple site, and I had not changed my password for a while, I made the change.

There is friction as noted as all devices had to be updated one at a time. If you have a couple of TVs, iPads, other devices, takes time and effort to get everything back to normal; not what I had planned. My wife tried to enter the new password on a TV and still got a sync message and was unable to update the password. I am not there, so will have to check when I get back.

Wondered if this was some Apple inspired force change for good security hygiene (like forced password changes mandated by some organizations)
, but my Internet searches said Apple does not require such changes.

I will be interested in what is happening. I do feel better reading this thread and knowing I am not alone in this situation

Best to all.

Post withdrawn.

I think was an attempted attack on iCloud. My non expert opinion is that some one or agency is looking for vulnerabilities in Apple’s cloud network. My ID was reset after someone (not me) was locked out after multiple attempts to enter an incorrect password.

How that may be related to the password resets, and if Apple did something to cause it (doubtful) or another agent, hopefully more light will be shown on this soon.

I had the ‘not all iCloud data is syncing’ notification, mentioned Health and Passwords as not syncing in particular.

But no requests to reset my password, thank goodness. So far…

My AppleID is tied to an email address and it happened to me today. Definitely not limited to and addresses.

My AppleID is tied to an email address and it happened to me today. Definitely not limited to and addresses.

Thanks Nigel. Just to confirm is the only ID you can sign in with?

My wife’s Apple ID is an one and was taken out relatively recently and she can only use

My own Apple ID was taken out before iCloud was invented and I can sign in with, and I chose to use but I could use at any time. This is not true of my wife’s, she can only use

Is your account like mine or like my wife’s ?


I had the exact same issue Friday evening around 7:45 PM EDT. After resisting for a few attempts, I was forced to change my password as Apple was unable to confirm my identity. I created a new password and am now updating all my Apple devices. Fortunately, 1Password provides a little assistance. As a further note, each time I use one of my devices I’m getting numerous alerts that this or that app is now using my Apple ID.

I just came here a couple of minutes ago to ask the same question that started this topic. I guess I now know the answer. I’m sure not happy knowing I’ll now need ti change my app-specific passwords.

Thank you to the tidBITS community. What a great place to get answers.