Apple Confirms That the T2 Chip Limits Mac Repairs

(Josh Centers) #1

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If you try to repair a newer Mac equipped with a T2 chip yourself, or if you take it to an independent repair shop that isn’t authorized by Apple, you may be in for a nasty surprise.

(Hank Roberts) #2

Insert cursewords here.

I’m about to need a third motherboard replacement for my late-2011 miserable graphics-inflicted MBP. Apple’s repair lasted four months, just past their repair warranty. At least the third party guys offer a six-month warranty. And I don’t think Apple is ever going to fix the problem so all I can get is board swap band-aids.

Is there any MBP later than December 2012 (supposedly the end of the obscenity-deleted gaphics chip problem) – anything user-repairable anyone can recommend?

Obviously I don’t want a new Apple product. I had a 540c “Blackbird” and a Lombard and a Pismo, all of which required repeated AppleCare vacations and were eventually fixed by third party repair shops that were capable of identifying problems Apple never could.