Apple Configurator 2.8.1

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Brings new iOS payload settings for Restrictions and Mail, and ups the system requirements to macOS 10.14 Mojave. (Free, 64.5 MB)

We were hoping that the latest version of Apple Configurator (2.8.1) would have functionality that would easily enable iPhone users to manage their home screens. Several years ago, iTunes had that capability. Unfortunately, Apple Configurator does not have functionality that is as user friendly as the former capability of iTunes. I have submitted (more than once) a bug report to Apple about this. Meanwhile you can choose the menu items: Actions > Modify > Home Screen Layout - the images of the various home screens on the iPhone are quite small. I miss the former capability that existed in iTunes.

Then you probably will be happier if you were to install iTunes 12.6.5:


Unless I am missing something this only seems to have versions for Windows.

The page was published September 26, 2018 so perhaps a recent change ?

Apparently so. I downloaded it on Sep 12 and it can still be found at