Apple Cinema Display (2008) and Mac mini M2

I can’t change the brightness on the Apple Cinema Display (2008) on the Mac mini M2 with Ventura. After a session with Apple support the conclusion was that that bit of code is likely no longer present in the OS. The camera and microphone still works, however, and it is a very good display. I was warned that more features may go missing in future releases. It is a shame since it is a very good display.

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Hrmph. How annoying.

Since those controls are all via USB data (as far as I know), I wonder how the monitor presents itself. If it is something standard, then perhaps there is (or someone can develop) a third-party app to provide the control. Not as convenient as built-in, but better than nothing.

Did you try Lunar?

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Yes, I have now tried lunar and it works after a bit of tweaking. I have two displays connected, the Apple Cinema and an old Samsung. The keyboard brightness works on both displays simultaneously, but you have to set each with a suitable brightness before using the brightness key.

There is a free version but the download button says “Try for free, 14 day trial included” and below that it says “Buy Lunar Pro, lifetime licence USD 23”. I guess I will find out if I get the free version in 2 weeks.

Thank you tommy and Shamino for your comments.

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When I adopted my current desktop setup (MBP M1 Pro in clamshell, dual LG 4K monitors), I realized quickly the keyboard screen brightness adjustments no longer worked. Never occurred to me to look for a utility to fix that. Thanks @tommy!

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All credit to @tjluoma who brought it to all our attention

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If your Cinema Display has an USB connector bundled with its power cord, then try connecting the USB to your Mac. Might give you brightness control

The Cinema Display does have a bundled USB connector which I always keep connected to the CPU because I need the USB hub in the display. There is, however, no controlling the brightness whether it is connected or not, at least not in the System Settings.

Since there are no manual controls whatsoever on the Cinema Display I have to use Lunar or fire up the old 2014 Mac mini to control anything. Lunar works even without the USB connection.