Apple Buying Advice Updates + Apple Event Initial Reactions

It’s been a minute since I’ve shared updates from Apple Buying Advice, but some quick updates:

  • The site now has a blog, which is just hosted on the front page for now. Here is the RSS feed URL. I’ll be posting there whenever I update a guide or when I have thoughts to share.
  • I have shared first reactions to the Apple event, iPhone 15, and Apple Watch Series 9.
  • I have updated the Mac guide. I’ll be refreshing the other guides soon—stay tuned!
  • The site is no longer accepting donations and I’ve canceled all recurring donations. It turned out to be more trouble than it was worth. Thanks to everyone who contributed!
  • Mailchimp is holding the email list hostage. They’ve lowered the subscriber limit for a free list to 500 subscribers and want a minimum of $45 per month to keep using it. I’ll be exporting the subscriber list elsewhere. I’m open to suggestions. I might just move it to Substack unless I find a reason not to.

Thanks to everyone who has supported the site! I had nearly given up on it for various reasons, but it turns out to get a shocking amount of traffic, and I hate to disappoint my visitors.


Welcome back Josh!

I, for one, am looking forward to hearing your thoughts and recommendations about the upcoming iPhones and Watches. And the titanium, upgraded chips, and carbon neutral stuff was intriguing and well intentioned. And I think photo and video upgrades are very compelling.

But I have to admit that even after so many years, I still do miss Steve Jobs winding up the the finale with “one more thing” And I do miss your Tidbits articles.