Apple Buying Advice Updated

Hi everyone, as promised in my goodbye article, I’ve now fully updated Apple Buying Advice for the holiday season. Recent updates include guides for iPad and AirPods, and a new page for Apple TV.

Time was part of the reason it wasn’t as up-to-date as I would have liked, but I also struggled with some of the product lines, especially the iPad. Apple has made it much harder to recommend a single “one size fits all” product.

Also, please no one else comment on the goodbye article as it now has the perfect number of comments.


The iPad is tough, they all have virtues.

My 12” Pro is amazing but effectively is a laptop especially with the Smart Keyboard cover. It’s heavier than my wife’s Air and too much for evening goof offs. I’m awaiting my Mini tomorrow…

About to upgrade my wife’s Air and was ready to purchase the latest model but on visiting the store she decided against it. She has had enough of the number of ports limitations of the Air and is setting her eyes on the 14” Pro.

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Are you speaking of Macs here? I recently came to possess a 13-inch M1 MacBook Pro. It’s a big upgrade from my 2016 MBP in many ways, except it only has two ports instead of four. That isn’t so bad, but the real annoyance is that the ports are only on the left, while the older MBP had ports on both sides. It makes desk positioning a pain.

On the upside, I have my LG monitor set up as a hub, so I can plug one cable into the machine for charging, display, mouse, keyboard, and webcam. As annoying as USB-C is, that’s pretty cool.

Yes, I was. I agree a big step up. The new processors, frankly, don’t seem too stressed about what I throw at them, let alone what my wife would be doing. I think Apple may have a situation on their hands, most folks are fine still with an M1.

To get the ports she wants (and the screen is pretty tempting too…) she has to look at the 14" Pro. The M1 Pro is overkill for her to be honest. But… Her desk at home is a rats nest of cables and dongles and she’s had enough. Her work takes her away at times, and teaching regularly on top of that. She’s tired of not being able to easily plug in a bunch of things while out on the road or teaching without resorting to a dongle.