Apple Books question

I’ve not had a compelling need to use iCloud since its introduction so never set up my account (I’ve mainly used Dropbox for file transfers). But I just got a new iPhone SE and needed iCloud to sync my Safari settings. Then I was surprised to discover that most of the books I’d long accessed through Apple Books (bought from publishers) no longer show up, only the iPhone and other manuals I’d downloaded from Apple. How to fix this?

If you never synced to iCloud any purchased books purchased outside the Apple bookstore would not be available to sync. You’ll have to import them again yourself into Books. That or set up your iCloud address on your older device which had the books in Books.

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If you still have the older device or a local backup of it, the best way to move data without needing iCloud is to use a utility such as iMazing to copy all of the data from Books on the older device to Books on the new SE. This not only copies all books no matter where you got them, but will also preserve any annotations you’ve made.

iMazing isn’t free ($35+ depending on number of devices you need), but they have a demo. iMazing is a great iOS backup solution (including incremental backups so you can have history), and has lots of other useful features such as downloading apps to the mac so you can restore without a network connection. There are also some free apps that let you extract and move app data, but I haven’t used any of them.

I will second the recommendation of iMazing. I started using it when iTunes stopped managing apps. It’s a godsend. One thing I do with it is regularly back up all my apps to it so that I can restore to my devices apps that are no longer in the App Store—a big risk when using the “offload” function to save space, since games in particular tend to be the largest apps and can disappear from the App Store without warning. It also has a lot more flexibility that iTunes ever had for managing, well, everything.

The only thing I use Finder integration for on my devices now is to manage music syncing (because I still use Music/iTunes to manage playlists) and to update the OS. Everything else, I do through iMazing.

Yes, this is the simple suggestion I was looking for. Just re-adding the other books to Apple Books, which is very easy. No need for yet another app right now. Thanks.

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