Apple App Design vs App Bug

Just another minor curiosity
I notice that Apple TV app (in Big Sur) does not allow one (Me) to search my Library
of purchased content.
When trying to enter a keyword in the search bar while in TV > Movies > Library tab
the TV app immediately navigates to a generic and then a related-content page, instead of simply showing me my purchased content.

Well, sort of. If the show is in your Library, there will be a Play button instead of “Purchase.” So in a way, it is searching your library, but along with the overall database of shows.

The sort of list of options
Sort of: a bug
Sort of: a designed feature
Sort of: a designed bug


I have many home videos in my TV app library though no purchased shows. Search ignores all these videos. It’s pretty obvious what Apple is doing here and it isn’t what I want search to do.

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