Apple Announces “Shot on iPhone Challenge” Winners

(Josh Centers) #1

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Apple has named ten winners in its “Shot on iPhone Challenge,” whose photos will be featured in billboards around the world, in Apple retail stores, and online.

(Bernd Albrecht) #2

Who took part in Apple’s “Shot on iPhone” challenge? I did with this picture, shot in Spain’s Castilla – La Mancha autonomous region in May 2018. Maybe we are allowed to show our favourite shots from 2018… Josh? Adam?

(Dana Schwartz) #3

I never even knew there was a “Shot on iPhone Challenge”. Guess they missed me with their promotion of it.

(Diane D) #4

Ditto! :-/


(Adam Engst) #5

Absolutely! If you entered the “Shot on iPhone Challenge,” go ahead and post your photo here, and if you didn’t, post your best iPhone photo from 2018. If we get enough entries (and I’ll know “enough” when I see it), I’ll pick a winner and send them a prize from my collection of historical swag and stuff.


It’s a great shot, Bernd

“Shot On iPhone” campaigns have been running for at least 5-6 years, and it continues to win industry awards for creativity, and the number of participants skyrockets every year. Apple does promote the contests in advance, and you can apply up to six months before the due date. It is promoted in Stores, which always feature winning shots through the year, and Apple does a big PR effort for entries that does get a lot of coverage as in global, national and local media. IIRC, during the first few years, they had big names, including Carl Sagan, promoting the competition. My thinking is that it’s evolved into a big annual thing like the Pillsbury Bake Off, or the Great British Baking Challenge, people who are interested keep their eyes and ears open for it. You can apply up to 6 months in advance of the deadline:

I’ve been seeing a lot more of the annual crop of ads ads featuring the winners on TV, on billboards, and online. And this year has some very interesting creative extensions of the contest, including this campaign of shots from US and Canadian hockey pros. Sports photography is notoriously difficult for professionals, and even the top photo pros are going to be impressed with stop motion shots from a phone that are at the least as good as a dedicated expensive camera with a long lens and very fast shutter speeds:

IMHO, this year’s “Shot On iPhone” ads are some of the best.