Apple Announces MLS Season Pass Launch for February 2023

Originally published at: Apple Announces MLS Season Pass Launch for February 2023 - TidBITS

Starting in February 2023, the MLS Season pass will give soccer fans access to every Major League Soccer match, the entire playoffs, and the Leagues Cup.

I pay Peacock just so I can watch Premier League games, and I pay much less than Apple plans to charge for MLS (1/3 the price, IIRC), an inferior league. And I know ESPN+ has other leagues, again for quite a bit less than this. I wish them well, but I know I’ll pass on this one.

I suppose their coverage will be similar to baseball games where you have to watch in-progress games live. I’m not a fan of that approach. With I can start watching a game about an hour after it starts and skip commercials, pause for bathroom breaks, etc.

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Apple is offering on demand replays.

“ MLS Season Pass

An unprecedented subscription service available to fans in over 100 countries and regions featuring live broadcasts and replays of:

  • Every MLS regular season match
  • Every MLS playoff and MLS Cup match
  • Every Leagues Cup match**

Plus the most expansive and accessible programming lineup ever:

  • Matches will feature English and Spanish broadcast crews, and a club’s home radio broadcast
  • Hundreds of live MLS NEXT Pro and MLS NEXT matches
  • An exclusive live match whip-around show so fans never miss an exciting goal or save
  • Game replays, highlights, analysis, and other original programming”

Yes, but I think that means you can’t start rewatching the game until after it’s over. With a 7pm baseball game, that would mean I can’t start watching until after 10pm.

You can watch it the next day, or another day after that.