Apple Announces iOS 13 and Breaks Out iPadOS

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At WWDC, Apple predictably announced iOS 13 with a slew of new features. In a no one was expecting, the company also announced a new, iPad-specific operating system called iPadOS that’s essentially a superset of iOS 13.

Is there a music player app for iOS that is not made by Apple? It only has to support my mp3 collection and playlists. (I replaced the Apple podcast app with PodCruncher and wish I had done it sooner! It works so much better.)

Glad the SE still lives! Supports iOS 13 at least…

Looking forward to iPadOS, a few folks have been pushing for it, feeling that the iPad was hampered by iOS as it stood. I will definitely use the multitasking enhancements.

Reminders is a backbone to both OSes that has never gotten its due. So many of my other apps rely upon it, I am curious to see how this plays out.

The Apple car whizzed (actually did) through my village last week. I’ll be able to point out my car and blurred out face to y’all when Look Around launches in Ireland.

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I’m blown away by all the new features. But I see precious little about the one that’s the most important to me: mouse support on the iPad. Does anyone know how it’s going to work? Will it be anywhere near as useful as mouse support is on a Mac?

Apple lets you create a temporary, anonymous email address just for that app. The only question is if developers will choose to use it (or if Apple will give them a choice).

I don’t think email addresses are temporary or anonymous. The addresses will need to persist in each app maker’s accounts database, and I don’t think they’re anonymous, the keynote slide showed the app getting the Apple ID name (I think anonymity allows too many bad things for Apple to support it).

Learned about this on Hacker News: June 3rd Updates to the App Store Review Guidelines. “Sign In with Apple will be available for beta testing this summer. It will be required as an option for users in apps that support third-party sign-in when it is commercially available later this year.” That is, if an app wants to give users the option to sign-in with their Facebook, Google, etc. account, they must also give users the Sign-in with Apple option (if an app only gives users the option to sign-in with an app username and password, they’re not required to offer Sign-in with Apple). That’s a pretty big stick for Apple to wield.

It wasn’t clear if Sign In with Apple might also become available for Web sites, where it would be even more welcome.

At first, I thought we would see it eventually but not right away. Thinking more about it, I think it must be on the web right away, at least for app makers. Trello lets me sign in with Google so they’ll have to add “Sign In with Apple” to their app but they’ll also need to support signing in to one’s account through the web.

BTW, the current Safari Technology Preview supports joins the other major browsers in supporting Web Authentication API, meaning it will be supported in the next major version of Safari. This could pair nicely with their Sign In with Apple.

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Yes, iPadOS will include mouse support as an accessibility feature. It simulates a finger touch so the cursor is pretty big, I don’t know if that will make some uses more difficult.

Funnily enough, on my way into work today, the Apple Maps car went through a junction a couple of cars ahead of me. I was on my bike, so not sure I’ll be a big enough to appear clearly given the distance, but will be interesting to see when Look Around comes to Edinburgh. Made me hopeful that this will be relatively soon!

Cs (until recently Cesium) is a good music app. Though I have to admit that lately I’ve been using Apple’s Music most of the time as I’ve found it works well for me. One nice feature of Cs (and what originally got me interested) is that it has a good composer view for classical music.

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Agree with difficulty of anonymity just using a random email. If you already have an account at the site you’re logging into, it will be matched up with all their data they already have identifying you. Same with new accounts - you’re often required to give more info that can uniquely Id you even without an email address.

As long as it’s no bigger than a typical fingertip, and as long as it works in all apps, I’ll be a VERY happy camper. I get horrible shoulder and neck pains from keeping my iPad where I can both read the screen and touch it. Thanks for the info. Does it already exist in the beta?

I contacted the CSmusicplayer owner to see if it will do what I need (import playlists). The website and autoresponse do not inspire confidence.

I have the app, and can’t see any way to import playlists. The developer might have further info. If there are any other features you want to know about, I can have a look, and post screenshots if that’s useful. It might also help to know what the issue is with Apple Music that you’re trying to address, as I could advise how Cs deals with it.

No specific issues. The player has just been getting worse and worse over the years and harder to access the things and locations I want.

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