App Store, Software Update - something not working

Trying to download Monterey for my Mini. I can’t see it in the app store but followed the Apple link to it, which redirects to the app store, and then redirects to Software Update. I’ve been stuck on “Finding Update” for an hour. I’ve rebooted, reset my network and left the room. Apple shows all systems are running.

Can someone test to see if they can get to the link?

Otherwise I’ll have to use the updater I downloaded in November.

While I wanted to do this for ARC, I now have to do it for a clients server upgrade. :(


Mr. Macintosh supplies direct links to Apple’s full Monterey installer download links at That’s where I go when I need to download anything that’s not the most current OS offered by Apple in Software Update.

It will download an installer package you’ll need to double-click after the download completes. The package will then install the familiar Monterey installer application in your Applications folder.

I just tested this once again for Monterey 12.6.5 and it all worked as intended.

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Thank you!!! Every link I found this morning brought me to Apple’s store link, not the direct one. Downloading now.