Aperture Won’t Run after macOS 10.14 Mojave

(Josh Centers) #1

Originally published at: https://tidbits.com/2019/05/02/aperture-wont-run-after-macos-10-14-mojave/

Apple has announced that its obsolete professional-grade photo manager Aperture won’t run in the next major release of macOS after Mojave. If you’re still using Aperture, start planning your switch.

(Roger Moffat) #2

And just yesterday PetaPixel.com reported that the $10 per month Adobe Photography plan - Lightroom, Photoshop and 20GB of storage - is gone from the Adobe website - many people who go to Adobe to buy now are finding that it’s $20 a month - the only difference is that the storage goes up to 1TB.



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(Seth Anderson) #3

I’ve long been amused that Aperture is still a built in “Share” option extension, even in MacOS 10.14.

(Ray Kloss) #4

I really loved the books I could make in Aperture and am still looking for a replacement that is easy.

(Jeremy Roussak) #6

I read about that, too. However, it’s just taken me four mouse clicks to get to the page at adobe.com (US site) offering LR, PS and 20Gb for $9.99/month.