Anything available to replace Keep-It-Up?

Those of you of my age will remember an app called Keep-It-Up that monitored apps to check if they are still running and if not tried to reboot.

Is there anything out there that will do something similar on MacOS? I understand I can create a daemon and take advantage of the system’s launchd daemon manager but was wondering if there were any apps out there that will do the same thing (or a more elegant way of doing this)?

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You could take a look at Lingon. We used it to replace Cronnix to run scheduled jobs but it also says it will automatically restart apps if they quit.


What you want to do is create a LaunchAgent.

@trilo mentioned Lingon. I prefer LaunchControl from soma-zone. You can drag the icon for the app you want to keep running on the LaunchControl icon and it will automagically create a LaunchAgent, either for the current user (e.g. in ~/Library/LaunchAgents) or for all users (/Library/LaunchAgents).

That’s about it.

I’d like to thank John Gruber for refreshing my memory about how to do this. He wrote about it today: Daring Fireball: Nerding Out With Maestral, LaunchControl, and Keyboard Maestro.

As an aside, I used to use several products (PowerKey & Kick-off!) from Sophisticated Circuits with my ADB Macs to keep things running. I don’t think they are around anymore :frowning_face:.


Wow, Kick-off!, that is going back a bit, I used to run that on a Power Mac G4 450. Machine still works and I only sold it very recently (was well over 20 years old)…