Anyone having trackpad issues in Monterey?

On my mid-2015 MBPro, I have found that ‘taps’ are often not registered. So I have to tap again.

It also seems that some zones, are not fully covered until a tap is successful, e.g. in Safari address bar, I may tap towards the far-right, but it doesn’t work, so I tap more centrally and it does.

Lastly, I’m finding that the cursor sometimes leaps suddenly off page, or to the edge of the screen. This isn’t new. I’ve had this issue in the past and it has come and gone with updates.

I’ve been running as ‘plain vanilla’ systems as possible, for well over a decade, however, I do have 3-finger-drag turned on.


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Yes, plenty of reports. It appears to be a Monterey bug.

Hoping for a fix with the next Monterey update. This bug is hella annoying.

Thanks for the reply Simon and for all the links. It seems to be a fairly widespread problem.

One other aspect, that I didn’t mention, is clicking in e.g. a field-name, for example Tags, it takes an absurdly long time to register the click and subsequently, activate the field. You have to click, then sit and wait for 2 or 3 secs and suddenly the field is activated/in focus.

I’m also having problems selecting text. For example, in Filemaker (which has had text selection problems of its own for a very long time) I literally am unable sometimes to select a few words in a sentence, whether starting from the right or the left.

Just to add a confirmation of sorts:
On a similar era MBPro I first noticed similar issues in Mojave, then less so in Big Sur
and now a return of noticeable lags in scrolling, tapping results (areas of bad-good-better response on the pad,but more like Tap&Click mode not being robust) in Monterey.

I’ll have to check in again on another thing I noticed in Mojave, that I think has returned in Monterey and that is: drag and dropping files into folders seems to be a bit process-heavy… like the system is th-in-king ab-out wh-at it’s do-ing
when it moves the files

We should see macOS 12.1 released next week. Its release notes mention missing taps bug fixed.

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