Anyone else having trouble with Sophos Home?

Sophos Home got the orange icon (“Real-time Protection Not Running)” on my iMac yesterday, running macOS Monterey 12.7.3. I ran through all of their troubleshooting steps, with no luck. So then I did a complete uninstalled and reinstall, which fixed it. Temporarily.

That’s when I discovered that what happened yesterday is it auto-updated from Sophos Home 10.5.0 to 10.6.0, which broke it. When I reinstalled (by a new download) it installed 10.5.0, which was OK. But then it auto-updated to 10.6.0, which broke it again.

When I try to report it to Sophos, I can’t. Normal support channels are only available to Premium licenses. I can tweet but not DM because they’re not following me. Regular tweets just get a response telling me to do what I already did.

So I’m wondering: any other Monterey users having trouble with version 10.6.0? It is OK on my M2 MacBook Pro running Ventura.

I think the problem is that the auto-update installer didn’t install the new 10.6.0 scanextension, so the computer is still running the 10.5.0 version which no longer works. Doing a full reinstall doesn’t permanently fix it because it is installing 10.5.0, not 10.6.0 – so the next auto-update breaks it again.

Turns out that I was the first to report this issue. They’re getting other cases now.

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Sophos just pushed a temporary work-around: it auto-updated, downgrading from 10.6.0 to 10.5.1. The 10.5.1 version contains the 10.5.0 scanextension, so it is working again.

I’m wondering if the problem is something related to the Mojave 12.7.3 update, which I applied to this machine on 2/10. Maybe that broke something in the systemextension update process.