Anyone Else Getting Themselves Early Christmas Presents?

Since it’s that time of year again, I thought I’d open this topic up to see who else is getting their tech Christmas started early. :slight_smile:

I upgraded my mid-2017 27" iMac from 24GB to 48GB of memory this past week. Yes, that might seem overkill, but I’m looking to start doing 3D modelling and video editing next year, so the extra room will come in handy. Plus, I have two Parallels Desktop virtual machines that will definitely benefit from that extra memory. :slight_smile:

What about you?

Boring, but I did get that new phone battery a couple of weeks back. :slight_smile: And I bought parts for my bike (not very techy but enjoyable nonetheless)


Around early October, I found myself in an Apple Store for service on my wife’s iPad screen. I had also brought my 1st-gen AirPods to get the batteries replaced.

A day or two before my Genius Bar appointment, Apple released the AirPods Pro.

Long story short, they didn’t have any try-on pairs available at that store, and said I could return them if I didn’t like them, and of course I didn’t return them, so I thanked my wife for my early Christmas present… to which she replied, “What did you buy now?” because we have been married a long time.

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