Any way to edit Safari auto-filled content?

So I have a tech website with a form for asking the author questions and long ago I once mistyped my email address there. Ever since Safari’s auto completion suggests that mistyped email address first on that website’s form. But I just cannot find a way to edit those auto-filled entries.

Of course in Safari’s prefs there’s AutoFill and in there I have besides User names and passwords only Other forms selected. I can select to edit that, but in there all there is is a list of websites, not the actual content that gets auto-filled at that website. And in fact, that specific website doesn’t even show up in that list. If I select to edit User names and passwords, I just get dumped into the passwords section of prefs and there I see no mention of that website’s form data either, not a surprise though because there is no user/pass for that website’s form.

Is there any other location I can check? And if I cannot edit that one individual entry, is there perhaps a location where I can remove all saved form data for that entire website so I get to start over populating auto-filled data?

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In the latest Safari, preferences has become settings. When I go there, the autofill tab is immediately apparent and when clicked on gives the option to edit/delete autofill data on a per website basis.

First, if not on the latest Safari (16.3), assuming your Mac supports it, update the software and then see if the behavior changes.

Let us know what happens!

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It’s the latest. And as I detailed, there is in there no place to edit the type of data that I’m getting autofilled.

System Preferences-> Safari → Autofill may help in finding the info. Sorry that was iOS.

On the Mac Safari → Settings → Autofill

Are you sure that the website isn’t using another web site for it’s discussion?

If not, I suppose you could just nuke the whole list in the AutoFill list of websites. Or delete everything except the ones that you definitely don’t want to lose.

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[Does not work–see my reply below]

Try Safari>Settings>Privacy>Manage Website Data… . Search for the website and select Remove. That should erase any data associated with the website from Safari’s memory.

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Ha! That got me to give it a closer look.

Turns out that list is not sorted alphabetically as I had initially assumed (naively). There’s no search field for that list, but turns out you can just type.

Using that, sure enough, found the website well hidden away. Nuked that single entry and now all is good again. :) Thank you, @ddmiller . :thank_you: :+1:

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On further testing, this does not work for removing Autofill entries. You must find the website in the Others list in the Autofill preference.